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Professor Joon Hyun Kim

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Cyber Environment Research Firm (Cyber-Env)

Environment System Research Institute (ESRI)

KNU Mineral Water (KNUMW)

Cyber Guitar School

Cyber Guitar School

Developed Systems

Field Survey and Analytical Techniques of Waterwork Facilities

Integrated Waterworks Management System  2009  2010

Waterworks and Leakage Management System  2009  2010

Integrated Management System of Water Resources

Expert System of East River Ecology and Watershed

Integrated Subsurface Management System

Prevention System of Environmental Disaster

Artificial Fishing Reefs Management System

Ecological River Restoration System




Professor Joon Hyun Kim


Cyber-ENV Inc., http://www.cyber-env.com


Department of Environmental Engineering, School of Engineering

Kangwon National University, Korea,  joonhkim@kangwon.ac.kr